Anniversary Diamonds

What is an Anniversary Diamond?

Simply put, an Anniversary Diamond is one that is twice the size of her Engagement Diamond.

Why twice as big? Because every diamond makes a statement.

An Anniversary Diamond says: “I love you twice as much today as the day you married me.”

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How you wear an anniversary diamond is up to you.

There are many ways to give the gift of an Anniversary Diamond. Your love is unique, so how you show it should be unique to your style.

You can upgrade her engagement ring, give her a pair of diamond earrings, or even custom design a new piece.

You can explore our NewBorn Lab-Grown Diamond options so that you can get an even bigger and better diamond for your money.

Or consider a different shape diamond... The possibilities are endless!

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Here are 6 ideas to get you started:

1. Upgrade her engagement ring

One way to celebrate your growing love is to upgrade the center stone of her engagement ring by swapping it out with a larger Anniversary Diamond.

Ramsey's even has an Anniversary Diamond trade-in benefit. We give full credit for the original purchase price of your Ramsey's center diamond when you trade it toward another diamond selling for at least 50% more.

We will even set your new Anniversary Diamond for you in our store.


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2. Turn her diamond into a pendant

If she prefers to keep her original Engagement Diamond, then you can opt to have it put into a pendant.

She will still have the diamond she got engaged with close to her heart as a necklace, and the upgraded ring will symbolize how your love as grown since that day.

Our in-house master jewelers will make the pendant of her dreams.

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3. Double her Engagement Diamond with a pair of earrings

Another option is to gift a pair of diamond solitaire stud earrings with a total weight that is twice as big as her Engagement Diamond.

If her Engagement Diamond is a half carat, then choose two half-carat studs that total to one carat.

Each earring will be the same weight as her original Engagement Diamond, so she will have a new sparkling pair of classic earrings that is a perfect match.


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4. Light up her eyes with a tennis bracelet 

Another way to gift an Anniversary Diamond is with a bunch of smaller diamonds in a row that total to twice the carat weight of her Engagement Diamond.

We're talking about tennis bracelets of course!

We have tennis bracelets from a half-carat all the way up to 27 carats.


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5. Add a Right-Hand Ring

Balance the sparkle on her left hand with a right-hand ring that has double the carat weight of her engagement ring.

You can show your love is endless with an eternity band that has diamonds all the way around.

Or go for an elegant look with rows of baguette and round cut diamonds.


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6. Make a new custom piece designed around the Anniversary Diamond

Personalize it with a piece designed by YOU. If you can dream it, we can make it!

Her anniversary gift will be cherished for a lifetime and passed down for generations, so leave a legacy with a custom designed piece.


Custom Design Process

Please feel free to contact us.

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