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Tax Free is Happening Right Now at Ramsey’s!

August 1, 2016

Tax-free shopping is happening right now at Ramsey’s Diamond Jewelers!

If you’ve been thinking about buying a diamond engagement ring or upgrading a diamond ring, don’t pass up this opportunity during TAX FREE at Ramsey’s.


From August 1 - 13th, Ramsey’s will cover your taxes on the first $5,000 per item that you purchase.

That’s right, tax free is happening right now at Ramsey’s!

Now is the time to buy the diamond you have always planned to buy “someday”.


What’s Tax Free at Ramsey’s?


Engagement Rings

Ramsey’s has the largest selection of diamond engagement rings, settings and wedding bands you’ll find anywhere in metro New Orleans. Visit most jewelry stores and you’ll be lucky to see a few hundred diamond rings. Visit Ramsey’s and you’ll have the opportunity to try on more than 2,000 unique diamond rings in one place! You can also speak to our designers of custom engagement rings to find that special “one of a kind” fit that’s perfect for you.


Diamond Upgrades

Has your diamond ring “shrunk” since it was purchased? During tax free at Ramsey’s, you have a great opportunity to upgrade that diamond to a new, bigger and brighter diamond. Put an end to “Shrinking Diamond Syndrome” and find out about the Ramsey’s Diamond Upgrade Guarantee.


The New Ramsey’s 81

Have you heard the story of how legendary master diamond cutter Moses Hodara unlocked the final bits of  beauty trapped inside every diamond? After more than 50 years of cutting diamonds, Moses discovered a way to take a standard 57 facet diamond and add 24 additional facets.  That’s how the Ramsey’s 81 was born. Ramsey’s is one a handful of jewelers across the US privileged to feature this new diamond. Come and see for yourself how the Ramsey’s 81 shines light like no other diamond.


High-Tech Newborn Created Diamonds

High tech newborn diamonds are real, just like ice made in a freezer is real ice. Newborn created Diamonds are a whole new breed of diamonds. They are chemically, structurally and visibly identical to the finest diamonds from diamond mines. Not even a jeweler can tell the difference. Ramsey’s has the largest selection of Newborn Created Diamonds in metro New Orleans. Stop by and try one on for yourself.


The Enchanted Disney Collection

Everyone has their favorite Disney characters. Some of the more popular female characters are  Elsa from Frozen, Belle, Pocahontas and Cinderella to name a few. Disney characters embody imagination, power, creativity, bravery, intelligence and beauty - characteristics which inspire women of all ages across the world. Ramsey’s carries the Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry line of diamond necklaces, diamond engagement rings and everything in between. Stop by Ramsey’s in Metairie or Harvey and see for yourself.


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