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The "Unlocked" Diamond Discovered!

August 16, 2016

Read the story of Moses Hodara, the jeweler who unlocked the secret power inside each diamond by adding 24 additional facets to each cut.



On the coast of the Mediterranean Sea sits the town of Netanya, known as “The City of Diamonds.”


Diamond cutting is a way of life here, an art passed on from generation to generation. And in Netanya, there lives a legendary master cutter by the name of Moses Hodara.  


Moses has been cutting diamonds for more than 50 years. His life's goal was to unlock those final bits of beauty trapped inside every diamond.


Finally, Moses found a key that unlocked the secret and the Ramsey's 81 diamond was born. Moses takes a standard 57-facet diamond and adds 24 additional facets.


The Ramsey's 81 shines light like no other diamond.  Even from 10 feet away you can see for yourself that it’s a whole new type of diamond. There are only a handful of jewelers across the United States privileged to feature this new diamond from Moses Hodara and Ramsey's is proud to be one of them.  


Moses Hodara has taken an ordinary diamond and made it MAGICAL.


Ramsey’s carries the largest selection of 81 facet diamonds in metro New Orleans with more than 50 styles of diamond jewelry to choose from including halo engagement rings, three stone rings, bands and earrings.


Click here to browse our entire selection online or come in and see it for yourself at Ramsey’s Diamond Jewelers, on Veterans at I-10 in Metairie AND on the West Bank in Fountain Park Centre on Manhattan Blvd.


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