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Why Everyone Is Buzzing Over High Tech Newborn Created Diamonds!

August 25, 2016


Uncover the secret of how high tech newborn diamonds are created and why you can’t afford not to try one on before you buy a diamond ring!



Diamonds were formed in the heart of the earth back when our planet was born. Long before there was life on earth, those diamonds were there...


Millennium after millennium, their sparkle buried beneath an ocean of soil, they waited in the darkness. Waited to be discovered and brought into the light. But you already knew that, right? Here's something you probably didn't know:

Ramsey's now offers a whole new breed of diamonds: High Tech, Newborn-Created-Diamonds.  

Yes, they're real diamonds, just like ice made in a freezer is real ice. Newborn created Diamonds are chemically, structurally and visibly identical to the finest diamonds from diamond mines. Not even a jeweler can tell the difference.


How Are Created Diamonds Made?

Newborn created diamonds are sometimes called “man made”, “lab grown” or “engineered” diamonds because they are created using an advanced technological process which duplicates the conditions under which diamonds occur naturally in the Earth.

In fact, man made diamonds are created using the tiny carbon seeds of pre-existing diamonds.


Why Choose a Created Diamond?

Newborn created diamonds are considered Type IIa diamonds, which are the purest and most rare diamonds known to man. You’ll get a much bigger diamond for your money.

Ramsey's has always been proud to sell the world's most amazing diamonds. Some of them come from underground. And today, some of them come from above.

The choice is yours.

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