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Buy Your Sweetheart a Jacket for Christmas - But Not the Type You're Thinking

November 14, 2016

This may come as a bit of an education for the guys, but there’s a type of jacket that ladies love, and it’s probably not what you’re thinking.  


And, it’s something a guy can pick out on his own!



Ladies have all types of jackets, and this confusion is why guys don’t bother to shop. After all, what guy knows the difference between an anorak, duster, parka, blazer, bomber, windbreaker, cape or a poncho?


Not many.


The good news is that the type of jacket we’re talking about is an earring jacket.


You heard that right!


Earrings can have jackets, and ladies love them!


Meet the Earring Jacket


Jackets are a way to dress up a pair of stud earrings.  They wrap around the studs and add additional sparkle by adding lots of smaller diamonds.  


The studs fit within the jacket, so there’s only one post for maximum comfort.


Jackets make the diamond look 2-3 times bigger and wider than just the stud alone. They work with diamond studs and even pearls.


The concept is pure genius, and the jackets themselves are gorgeous upgrades to any set of stud earrings.



Why Stud Jackets Are So Popular


There are a few reasons why ladies love these types of jackets:


  • Adds versatility to any wardrobe

  • Wear your favorite studs with an accent piece

  • Buy multiple jackets for different looks

  • Works with diamonds, pearls and other stones


Most guys don't know about these types of jackets,but once they find out, they love the idea because they make a great gift!



Picking the Right Jacket


Choosing a jacket comes down to a few factors.


First, it depends on the type of stone you have. Jackets come in square and round shapes. However, if you have an odd shaped stone it is possible to have a custom jacket made for you.


Then, it’s about style. There’s really no substitute for seeing how the stone looks in the jacket and how well they fit.


Just like diamonds, jackets are sold by the weight of the stone they’re designed to hold.


So guys, buy your lady a jacket for Christmas but not the one you might think.


Or you can skip the jackets and go straight for the $50k pair of diamond stud earrings :)


Either way your sweetheart is sure to thank you!


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