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Christmas Gift Ideas Under $500 with a New Orleans Twist

November 21, 2016


Chances are you’ve seen the Christmas displays up in stores already, but have you started to think about what you might give your special someone for Christmas to let them know how much you love them?


The great news about giving the gift of diamond jewelry is that there are lots of styles and designs to choose from which are priced less than $500. In fact, Ramsey’s has more than 2,263 items in that price range!


We’ve pulled together our top buyers and created a list of our top Christmas gift ideas under $500 - with a New Orleans twist!


7 Stackable Bracelets


Stackable bracelets have been big sellers in 2016, and our most popular line of stackable bracelets is the Charles Garnier collection.


Charles Garnier was a master designer of gold jewelry from Paris who had already established his reputation for fine jewelry when other brand names such as Cartier and Vuitton were just getting started.  His collection is known for combining the most sophisticated manufacturing equipment and technology with old world craftsmanship and hand finishing to create beautiful, lightweight and unique pieces.


Another reason the Garnier line is so popular is that each of the pieces in his line complements other pieces, so the pendants and earrings match the bracelets and vise versa.


This feature alone makes them a great gift idea because you can always add pieces later or match pieces you’ve already purchased.


Here are some items we love from the Charles Garnier Collection - all under $500!





New Orleans Jewelry - the Fleur De Lis Collection


Our Fleur De Lis Collection adds the “New Orleans twist” to our gift ideas list!


Local New Orleanians know that the Fleur De Lis symbolizes our great city and culture. But did you know that people from all over the world love the Fleur De Lis too? The universal love of our great city captured in this great symbol make the Fleur De Lis collection a great gift for anyone even if they don’t live here.


Worried about price? Don’t...the collection starts at just $20!  In fact, we have more than 200 items in the Fleur De Lis collection under $500 including rings, pendants and earrings.

We even have items with black and gold (yellow diamonds) for those who want to show their support for our favorite NFL team - the Saints!




Layered Necklaces


If you’re looking for a trendy, fashion-forward Christmas gift, than a layered necklace may be just the thing!


A layered necklace is a great addition to any ladies wardrobe and opens up all sorts of possibilities to dress up or dress down any outfit.


And hey - why wear one necklace when you can wear two instead?





Lots of Options Under $500


Stackable bracelets, Fleur De Lis jewelry and layered necklaces are sure to be popular gifts this Christmas. However, with 2 locations and more than 2263 pieces of jewelry under $500, Ramsey’s has plenty of other gift ideas we can show you.


Stop by one of our locations nearest you and browse our showroom, try on a few things and let our team of consultants help you find the perfect gift for your loved one!

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