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Rekindle the sparks of romance with your favorite jewelry!

September 2, 2016

Want to fall in love again with your favorite piece of jewelry? Let Ramsey’s Diamond Jewelers restore the sparkle of your favorite piece or transform it into a new diamond!

Most people remember that feeling they had the first time they saw their favorite piece of jewelry. Do you remember your special day?

Remember the excitement, the pride, the dazzling sparkle of your new jewelry and the love you felt? Sometimes our favorite pieces of jewelry need a little love due to wear and tear over time.

Or maybe you’ve had a piece of jewelry locked away that you don’t wear anymore. Did your grandmother give it to you, or has the style changed and it doesn’t hold the WOW factor it once did?

Ramsey’s jewelry repair & cleaning service is the perfect way to re-kindle the love affair you’ve had with your jewelry!


3 Ways to Fall In Love Again

Ramsey’s offers 3 ways to help you fall in love again with a special piece of jewelry:


#1 - Repair, Resizing & Cleaning

If you wanted to spoil someone special in your life, one gift you might give them is a day at the spa!

Give that gift to your special piece of jewelry by giving it a “spa day” at Ramsey’s.

Our jewelry repair specialists will take special care to note the condition of your jewelry as well as the exact repair and cleaning services you need. We can perform almost any repair on any type of jewelry.

Just stop by and let us take a look! We’ll have your jewelry looking better than ever in no time!


#2 - Redesign

Do you have a special piece of jewelry that is a little dated or needs a new look?

Our custom designers can give that special piece of jewelry a totally new look and feel by reusing the stones and gold in a new creation.

After you try on a few new pieces of jewelry that you like, our team will create a custom design using your diamonds, gemstones or gold. We’ll even show you exactly what it will look like with a 3D drawing before we make it!

Re-creating a new piece of jewelry out of something you already cherish is a great way to re-start a love affair!


#3 - Trade Up

Do you have diamonds which seem to have “shrunk” since you got them, or maybe a piece of jewelry from a family member that you’ve never really liked because it wasn’t your style?

Ramsey’s will appraise that piece of jewelry for you and give you that value towards a trade “up” to a bigger or better piece of jewelry that suits your style whether that’s a diamond, a ring, earrings or any other piece we carry.

Trading in old jewelry keeps that sentimental feeling, but puts it towards a new, bigger and brighter piece of jewelry that you’ll really love.


So what are you waiting for? Come in and see for yourself how you restart your love affair with jewelry today!

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