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When you’ve found the one...you’re done lookin’

September 19, 2017

Aunt Gaile knew that if her niece, Nada, ever met her handyman Kevin, their story would have a happy ending. They’d be perfect together.

Then one day, Nada casually mentioned that she needed to get some work done at her house. Aunt Gaile did her thing & introduced them.

Turns out, Aunt Gaile was right! They were a match made in heaven. We’ll never forget the day Kevin and Nada came to our store.

As Nada was smiling at the engagement ring on her finger, Kevin said, “I’m done lookin’.  Are you done lookin’?”

And everyone knew he wasn’t talking about engagement rings. :)

Sure, you can do lots of lookin’ around at our stores. We’ve got more than 2,000 engagement rings, stones & settings for you to try on YOUR finger.

So when you’re done lookin’…

When you’ve found THE ONE…

Come to Ramsey’s and give your story a happy ending.

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