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What’s the REAL price on that engagement ring?

May 23, 2018

Some jewelers will advertise a diamond for $2,000 and CLAIM the regular price is $4,000.

But just because they say it doesn't make it true.

We don't play those kinds of games at Ramsey's. We put the REAL price, not an INFLATED price on every item.

That means we'll sell you a MUCH nicer diamond for just $1,750 than the one they CLAIM is worth $4,000.

Here’s Why...

Most jewelers buy diamonds from diamond dealers and ask for credit.

But we buy diamonds from the diamond cutters and we pay cash!

That eliminates two whole layers of markup!

We pay cash for our diamonds so YOU get a better price. It’s as simple as that!

But don’t take our word for it… shop around. Go everywhere!

Ask what the real price is… find out if they offer a 30 Day Best Price Guarantee like we do!

Engagement Rings Don’t Have to Break the Bank

We’ve got more than 100 engagement rings priced at less than $1,200!

Plus another 100 that cost more than $10,000

And nearly 2,000 rings at prices in-between!

That’s more engagement rings than any other store in the STATE.

Ramsey's has noticeably better diamonds and obviously better prices.

Click here to shop engagement rings online, or visit us in Metairie on Veterans or on the Westbank on Manhattan.

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