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The most popular Fall 2018 Engagement Ring Styles that you will fall in love with!

September 21, 2018

Oval Shape Center Stones

Oval Stones

If you want to stay classic but would like a little extra grace and glamour, then oval diamonds are perfect for you, which is why people are falling in love with this shape all over again this season. The vintage shape is more popular than ever! Even Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds agree!

The oval is elongated to offer an elegant, eye-catching twist on a classic round diamond. Carat for carat, oval diamonds just LOOK bigger. Many people describe them as having more “personality” than the classic round. You don’t need to go big on an oval diamond – the stunning shape is fairly uncommon enough that it turns heads on its own no matter what carat weight it is.

Like the classic round brilliant, the oval shape has 57 or 58 facets, giving it similar sparkle and brilliance. The soft curving outline of this unique shape will make its wearer feel classy, elegant, and bold.

How to shop oval shapes:
  • They should be properly cut to not be too stretched or too short. The ideal width to length ration is between 1.35 and 1.50.
  • They should be symmetrical vertically and horizontally.
Here are some oval engagement rings at Ramsey's:


Rose Gold

This stunning hue has been blowing up in the fashion world lately, and there is no sign of it stopping any time soon, just ask Lauren Conrad. And there’s no question as to why:  the soft pink is romantic and flatters every skin tone. Everything from iPhones to dinnerware to hair dye is capitalizing off the rose gold phenomenon.

Curious about how the rosy jewelry is made? It’s with copper! Because 24K pure gold is too soft to be used in an entire piece of jewelry, the metal is mixed with other metals to make a ring durable. All 18K gold metals are made up of 75% gold. The remaining percent comes from various other metals that alter the hue. For rose gold, that means using a red metal like copper.

Not sure if you want to commit to this shade? Try a ring that uses both! We especially love the look of a white gold ring with a rose gold undercarriage like the ones below. It is subtle but totally striking! 


How to shop rose gold:
  • Try it on in different lightings. You’re probably used to seeing yellow gold and white gold on your skin tone, but rose gold may be new to you. It is important to try it on in as many lighting environments as you can to truly get a feel for what daily wear would look like.
Here are more rose gold engagement rings at Ramsey's:


Three Stone Settings

This trend has been popular for ages, but it is absolutely exploding in popularity since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding. Meghan’s engagement ring features a 3 carat cushion cut center in a three- stone setting. 

Three stone rings, while simply a stylistic preference of many, are also said to hold significance as representing the Past, Present, and Future of the relationship at the major milestone of marriage. However, they can take on any meaning that the wearer finds important to them. A couple with a child may see it as representing their family of three, and others see it as representing the Holy Trinity.

How to shop Three Stone Settings:
  • This is a great way to incorporate diamonds passed down through generations. We frequently have guests who want to use their heirloom diamond, but it’s not the shape or size that they wanted in their own center stone. Setting the diamond as an accent in a three-stone ring is a great way to include a treasured family keepsake.
  • Many people use three stone rings as a way to feature other gemstones such as rubies, sapphires, or emeralds. Incorporating gemstones into engagement rings is a vintage look that never goes out of style.
  • The classic three stone engagement ring features a sweeping trellis setting (pictured below). Many people choose three stone rings for this beautiful feature alone, so if you find a three-stone setting you like, you may like it even more from the side.
Here are some three-stone engagement rings at Ramsey's:


Delicate and Minimalist Engagement Rings

You don’t have to spend a fortune on an elaborate engagement ring to make an impact. Julia Stiles' ring sure does. Delicate and minimalist engagement rings are a really gorgeous trend. These dainty, feminine rings include a thin shank and simple setting that is subtle and petite. 

How to shop delicate and minimalist engagement rings:
  • Maximize sparkle in your minimalist ring. Choose diamonds with an excellent cut. A smaller diamond with an expert cut will greatly outshine a larger diamond with a poor cut. All Ramsey's diamonds are cut for maximum brilliance. 
  • Try adding side stones to accent your center diamond. They can enhance and enlarge a center diamond. Micro-pavé diamonds are the best look for a delicate, softly detailed ring. 
Here are some delicate and minimalist engagement rings at Ramsey's:





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