5 Reasons Shopping for an Engagement Ring at Ramsey's is Different

April 9, 2019

Our bigger and better Engagement Ring Center at our new location was founded on 5 Big Ideas.

We know what matters to you, so we set ourselves apart from the rest to give you an enjoyable engagement shopping experience like no other.

Interior From Right Side

1. You can see EVERY style of engagement ring ever designed in one place, at one time.

Our large selection of hundreds of engagement rings helps you find the perfect ring much easier! We won’t spend your time convincing you on a “close enough” ring. You can walk right in and see your perfect ring on your hand.

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2. You can reach into wide-open showcases and try on hundreds of rings WITHOUT having to ask anyone.

We have hundreds of designer prototype rings out in the open that are able to be tried on without assistance. This allows you to get an idea of your preferences with as little or as much guidance as you would like. We cultivate no pressure sales environment. Take your time, try rings on, explore your options, and most of all have fun!

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3. Every ring has an easy-to-read price tag, and that price is COMPLETE, including the center diamond.

You don’t need to ask for prices because they are displayed in our showcases. On every tag, we show you the price of a ring with an Earth-Mined Diamond and NewBorn Lab-Grown Diamond center because we believe in giving you choices.


4. You get the lowest possible price WITHOUT having to negotiate.

Never negotiate again! At Ramsey’s, we price our jewelry with the lowest possible markup that will allow us to remain in business, not an inflated price that requires you to negotiate it down. You can buy at Ramsey’s with confidence that you are getting the highest quality for the best value.

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5. At Ramsey's, you always feel like you're AMONG FRIENDS. Because you are!

Never feel like a transaction again. At Ramsey’s, we want to celebrate those precious moments with you and be your family jeweler for generations.


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