2020 Valentine's Day Gift Guide

January 24, 2020



Moon n Back Collection

Moon n Back

Our exclusive Moon n Back Collection is the perfect gift for anyone you love!

Designed by Lori Ramsey for her daughter, it features a heart and crescent moon with an engraved message on the back.

Wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend - it is perfect for all your Valentines! Our original Moon n Back pendant is $75, and in-store you can get 3 for $199!

The versatility of the necklaces allows for the heart and moon to be worn together or as separate pendants.

Moon Back 1 Moon Back 3 Moon Back 2

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NOLA Collection

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You can’t go wrong with a Valentine’s gift from our exclusive NOLA collection!

It’s the perfect gift for the girl whose one true love is New Orleans!

STD00950 SND08681 SND09190 NDFY07922 SND09181 NDFY07879 SND08690 SED02552

With Mardi Gras on February 25th, she'll love one of our Mardi Gras pieces.

  MCJ06683 SND06157 NDFY06843 RLDYF03506 SRD02749 SRD02730EM01349STD00935 (2)

Fleur De Lis Collection


Show your love with your team colors beautifully set with gemstones and diamonds from our Fleur De Lis Collection!

SND07619 SND08930 SED02286 SED02641 STD00885 STD01134 SRD02847 SRD02838

Simply Love Collection

Simply Love

Just like your love, a classic diamond halo is endless, is always in style, will be cherished for life, and will be passed on for generations.

Starting at only $79, and up to $7,799, there’s a Simply Love necklace for anyone’s budget.

SND08752NDFT03597 NGFW02339 NGFY01697NGFW02320NGFY01599 

Solitaire Stud Earrings and Jackets


Diamond stud earrings are a classic gift that she will wear every day and pass down for generations.

Plus, with our Guaranteed Trade-In, you can upgrade them for her birthday, Christmas, anniversary, or life milestone. You can also give her earring jackets to wear with her studs as the next gift!

Struggling for gift ideas will be a thing of the past with the gift that keeps on giving!

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