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Other Jeweler's Fees vs. Ramsey's Free Lifetime Warranty

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warranty effective 11/1/2018 



Lifetime Diamond Protection

We have a lifetime replacement warranty for any diamond up to 1/5 carat that is lost from the mounting through no fault of the wearer. We require that once a year you bring your jewelry to Ramsey’s (or one of the over 250 Preferred Jeweler locations) so that the diamonds and mounting may be cleaned and checked.

Lifetime Maintenance Warranty

All solid Gold, Platinum, and Palladium Jewelry purchased from Ramsey's will have a lifetime warranty covering normal wear and tear, defects in materials, and craftsmanship for the mounting.  Any defect or repairs needed will be repaired at no charge. If it cannot be repaired, it will be replaced at no charge.  

Silver jewelry is warrantied for 5 years.

Certain special-order items not typically stocked by Ramsey's may be excluded. The customer will acknowledge prior to order approval. 

If your jewelry needs repairs due to damage or excessive wear and tear, then the necessary repairs must be made at your expense, or we will be glad to help you file a claim with your jewelry insurance company.

All recommended repairs must be made by Ramsey’s (or one of the over 250 Preferred Jeweler locations) to continue this warranty. 

This Warranty is non-transferable. Warrantor shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages.

Clean, Polish, & Inspection

Ramsey's will clean, polish, and inspect all jewelry covered by this warranty at any time and at no charge.  This includes Rhodium or Gold refinishing up to once per year of warranty.


We highly recommend you have insurance that covers loss, theft, damage, worldwide travel, and mysterious disappearance.

Upon delivery of your new jewelry, we will provide you with documentation fully describing your new jewelry and current replacement value. Upon request, updated values are provided to you at no charge.  We highly recommend Jewelers Mutual Insuance Co.  See our Jewelry Insurance page for more information on Jewelers Mutual.

Guaranteed Trade-In-Value

Earth Mined Diamonds: Ramsey’s gives full credit for the original purchase price when you trade your Ramsey’s diamond toward another diamond selling for at least 50% more.

NewBorn Lab-Grown Diamonds: You will receive credit for the current Ramsey’s price whenever you trade your Newborn Lab-Grown diamond towards another Newborn Lab-Grown Diamond selling for at least 50% more.

This Guaranteed Trade-In policy applies exclusively to the center diamond of an engagement ring and diamond stud earrings. The diamond must be undamaged and accompanied by original documents. Guaranteed Trade-in is not transferable.

Exception: Diamonds marked "Special Order" on the sales receipt are special shapes, sizes, colors, and clarities not typically kept in inventory at Ramsey's. Since Ramsey's does not keep these diamonds in stock, we will assist you in the sale of your special-order diamond when you have chosen to purchase a Ramsey's Diamond at a price at least 50% greater than the highest price we can find for your diamond at that time.


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