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At Ramsey's, we believe in showing you ALL your diamond options. We have Louisiana's largest selection of both earth-mined diamonds and NewBorn Lab-Created Diamonds.

When you shop with us, you see the real price clearly marked on every item — not an inflated price.

It's important that you know what to expect, so we created the guides below to show you how earth-mined diamonds compare to lab-created diamonds at different weights.

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Earth-Mined Diamonds and Lab-Grown/Lab-Created Diamonds 

At Ramsey's, we give you every possible diamond option and encourage you to choose the diamond that makes you happiest. It is important to us that you make a fully informed choice.  

Lab-grown diamonds share the same optical, chemical, and structural properties as a diamond created in the heart of the earth and dug from a diamond mine. A highly trained gemologist cannot tell the difference between an earth-created diamond and a lab-created diamond without special equipment. 

The differences between these diamonds are as follows: 

  1. Earth-mined diamonds were created during the birth of the earth and there will never be any more of them than there are today. Some of these have been mined. Some remain underground. 
  2.  Grown/Created diamonds are the product of miraculous technology, and as such, we will always have the ability to create more. And as with every product of technology, we will be able to make them better, faster, and less expensively in the future. 
  3. Both diamonds are equally beautiful but earth-mined diamonds will always be rarer. 
  4. It is unlikely that you will ever be able to sell your diamond for the price you paid for it unless you own it for a very long time. If you are planning to sell your diamond in the future, the rarity of an earth-mined diamond assures that it will sell at a higher price than a comparable Grown/Created diamond. 

But are you planning to sell your diamond? Or are you just planning to wear it?

You now have all the facts.

The diamond that we most want you to buy is the diamond that will make you happiest.

Looking for info on the 4 Cs? We have a diamond guide that will help you get started!

Four Cs of Diamonds

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