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NewBorn Lab-Grown Diamonds are engineered through a process that replicates the conditions under which a diamond is born. They are chemically, structurally, and visibly identical to geological diamonds mined from the earth. Yes, identical. Not even a jeweler can tell the difference.

Ramsey’s Diamond Jewelers has the largest selection of NewBorn Lab-Grown Diamonds in the South. They are certified and then handpicked by our expert gemologists.

The only jewelers with access to the biggest and best Lab-Grown Diamonds for the best prices are the early adopters who believed in the vision of the creators and made a financial commitment to support them.

Ramsey's has followed the development of Lab-Grown Diamonds since 1970. Although it was a miraculous moment in science, the diamonds weren't beautiful... yet.

In January, 2015, we finally experienced the great “aha” moment. The Lab-Grown Diamonds we saw were stunningly, staggeringly beautiful. Technology had advanced, and they were identical to the rarest, most coveted diamonds on Earth.

We believed in them, so we were among the first in the U.S. to partner, ensuring that Ramsey's will always get first pick of the best diamonds they have to offer.

How NewBorn Lab-Grown Diamonds Are Born

Each NewBorn Lab-Grown Diamond begins as the tiny seed of another diamond.

That seed is placed in a plasma chamber that replicates the environment in which mined diamonds form by allowing carbon to crystallize into diamond. The result is a raw diamond that is then cut with the same methods and tools as mined diamonds.

NewBorn Lab-Grown diamonds are not to be confused with diamond simulants. Diamond simulants, such as cubic zirconia and moissanite, do not have the same chemical and physical properties as diamonds and can be distinguished with the naked eye. They aren't made of diamond at all.

Because lab-grown and earth-mined diamonds are both true carbon with the same crystal structure, they have all the same properties, including the same brilliance, fire, and scintillation, that make it impossible to distinguish them.

They are just diamonds formed above ground instead of below!

You can get ice from a frozen lake or from your freezer, but they are both just frozen water. One was caused by the earth’s natural conditions, and the other was assisted by technology. Lab-grown diamonds can be understood in the same way.

A Lab-Grown Diamond is the result of a marriage between Technology and Talent, between Science and Sparkle.

What is a Type IIa diamond?

There are different crystal structures among geological diamonds mined from the earth, and the most desirable structure is "Type IIa" because it is the rarest.

Less than 2% of the geological diamonds that come from diamond mines are Type IIa. 100% of NewBorn Lab-Grown Diamonds are Type IIa.

Diamond Type is not to be confused with Diamond Clarity or any of the other Four Cs. Because laboratories perfectly mimic the natural process, these diamonds have the same clarity (inclusions) and color variations as a result of individual growth patterns.

Diamond Type is not a visible quality but rather an atomic quality that requires a infrared spectrometer to detect.

A Brilliant Value

Our NewBorn Lab-Grown diamonds go straight from the scientists to our showcases, providing a more affordable option. 

Due to the shorter supply chain, you are now able to get a bigger, better diamond for your money!

We believe in choices and allowing everyone to explore all their options when shopping for diamond jewelry! We have the best prices and quality in both our certified Lab-Grown and Earth-Mined diamonds.

Jewelry made with NewBorn Lab-Grown Diamonds is available in New Orleans at Ramsey’s

NewBorn Lab-Grown Diamonds are used in all types of diamond jewelry including engagement rings, earrings, necklaces, fashion rings, and bracelets.

We also have an impressive selection of loose Newborn Lab-Grown Diamonds. So if you fall in love with a ring setting, our Diamond Consultants will help you discover the center diamond of your dreams, whether it's a Lab-Grown Diamond or a geological diamond mined from the earth.

At Ramsey's, we have both.

Shop the largest selection of NewBorn Lab-Grown Diamonds in the South or stop by our store to see one on your finger.

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