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NewBorn Created Diamonds

NewBorn Created Diamonds™ are chemically, structurally and visibly identical to geological diamonds mined from the Earth. Yes, identical. Not even a jeweler can tell the difference. Quality for quality, price for price, Newborn Created Diamonds™ are just bigger, that's all.

Ramsey’s Diamond Jewelers has the largest selection of NewBorn Created Diamonds™ in the South. We're anxious to show them to you. These diamonds are going to raise your eyebrows.

We believe you'll know which one is yours the moment you lay eyes on it!

Are Newborn Created Diamonds™ "Lab-Grown" Diamonds?

It depends on whom you ask.

There aren't enough created diamonds to supply even 3% of the jewelry stores in America.

The only jewelers with access to Newborn Created Diamonds™ are the early adopters who believed in the vision of the creators and made a financial commitment to support them. Jewelers who have a relationship with the creators usually call the diamonds "created." Jewelers who can't get the diamonds usually call them "lab-grown."

Ramsey's Diamond Jewelers has been following the development of Created Diamonds since General Electric produced the first ones back in 1970. They were yellow and brown due to nitrogen, and the inclusions were metallic due to nickel. Although it was a miraculous moment in science, the diamonds weren't beautiful.

For more than 40 years we learned, watched, and waited.

In January, 2015, we finally experienced the great “aha” moment. The Newborn Created Diamonds™ we saw were stunningly, staggeringly beautiful. And they were big. And they were the most rare diamonds on earth. (They still are.)

We immediately went “all in” with the artists who had mastered the art of creating diamonds. We believed in them, so we were among the first in the US to partner, ensuring that Ramsey's will always get first pick of the best diamonds they have to offer.

Sometimes it's good to believe.

How NewBorn Created Diamonds™ Are Born

Every NewBorn Created Diamond™ begins as the tiny seed of another diamond.

That seed is placed in a plasma chamber. This is where the miracle happens.

Plasma is neither solid, liquid, nor gas, but a fourth state of matter. Although plasma is the most rare state of matter on earth, it is the most abundant in the universe! On our little world, lightning is the only naturally occurring plasma. But we look at plasma every time we gaze into the heavens to see at our sun in the daytime, or wonder at the infinite stars at midnight.

NewBorn Created Diamonds™ are unbelievably tricky to make. Anyone can buy a plasma chamber, but only a rare few artists can make a diamond with it.

A NewBorn Created Diamond™ is the result of a marriage between Technology and Talent.

What is a Type IIa diamond?

There are different crystal structures among geological diamonds mined from the earth, and the most desirable structure is "Type IIA" since its surface will take a much brighter polish than any other type of diamond.

Only 2% of the geological diamonds that come from diamond mines are Type IIA.

100% of NewBorn Created Diamonds™ are Type IIA.

And the only place you can see them in New Orleans is at Ramsey’s.

Jewelry made with NewBorn Created Diamonds™ is available in New Orleans at Ramsey’s

NewBorn Created Diamonds™ are used in all types of diamond jewelry including engagement rings, diamond stud earrings, pendants, necklaces and bracelets.

We also have an impressive selection of loose Newborn Created Diamonds.™ So if you fall in love with a setting that doesn't have a diamond, our Diamond Consultants will help you discover the diamond of your dreams, whether it's a NewBorn Created Diamond™ or a geological diamond mined from the earth.

At Ramsey's, we have both.

Shop the largest selection of NewBorn Created Diamonds™ in the South, or stop by one of our 2 convenient locations to see one on your finger.

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