NOLA Collections

The love of what makes New Orleans home is what inspired Lori Ramsey to design these collections celebrating the landmarks, symbols, and wildlife of New Orleans. These custom-designed pieces are available exclusively at Ramsey's Diamond Jewelers!

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The French Quarter Collection features some of the most iconic landmarks of New Orleans, including the St. Louis Cathedral, the Dome, and other classic NOLA motifs.

The Bayou St. John Collection is inspired by the unique wildlife found in New Orleans and along the Gulf Coast.

The Garden District Collection is designed around the flora and fauna that New Orleanians can find in their backyards.

Celebrate with Mardi Gras jewelry. They're the perfect accessories for Carnival season... and all year round.

Each piece in the Moon n Back collection features a crescent moon and heart to symbolize the astronomical love that makes us say "I love you to the moon and back." 

The Rise Up Collection is a symbol of this city's hope, perseverance, and ability to rise above all.

Here you will find all of our fleur de lis jewelry. The pieces of this collection serve as shining reminders of the rich history and culture that surround us in this city.

Louisiana is more than just a state. It is a state of mind.