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Custom Jewelry Design

At Ramsey's Diamond Jewelers, we have thousands of rings to choose from, and you can come in to our store and try them all on. Most of our guests find the ring of their dreams on their first visit.  If you don't find exactly what you want, we have a custom designer who will sit with you to design your perfect ring. 

At Ramsey's, custom jewelry design is not just a service – it’s a passion. We have been creating unparalleled designs since 1958. From custom made bridal jewelry to unique pendants and earrings, our design team expertly crafts breathtaking pieces to our customer’s exact specifications.

Whether our customer is a soon-to-be bride in search of a one-of-a-kind wedding band or a sophisticated shopper with a flair for the eccentric, our design team at Ramsey’s Diamond Jeweler’s will create, refine, and perfect designs until they meet the high standards of our client’s vision. From there, we seek the customer’s input throughout the development process to ensure an end product that can be worn with pride.

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Our Start-to-Finish Custom Jewelry Design Process

This process is the same for both bridal and fashion pieces.

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1. Design

Custom Design starts with a consultation with one of our experienced associates and our Master Custom Jeweler. The process can take from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on how well-developed your ideas are. We listen to your ideas and needs, discuss your options, and draw a sketch of your design. We will then discuss the stones and the metal you would like to use and provide you with a cost and time estimate for manufacturing your piece.

Once you are satisfied with sketches, we use a sophisticated computer-aided design (CAD) program to create one-of-a-kind custom jewelry. With this technology and our experienced custom jeweler, your imagination becomes your reality. Upon completion of your design, you will be contacted to come by and view the animated 3-D rendering. Once you approve the design, we will start production on the piece.

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2. Wax Molds

The approved design will then be made into a wax mold. Wax molds are inspected by both our staff and the client to guarantee satisfaction before metal casting.


3. Final Creation

Once you confirm the wax model, your piece is built and assembled, and your hand-picked stones are set. Your custom design is then polished to the shine of your liking and is ready for you to wear.

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  Reset Your Diamond Ring for a New Look

At Ramsey’s, we make it easy for you to give the ring you love a completely new look and feel. You can trade in your diamond for a larger stone or one with a different shape. If you don’t want to completely design a new ring, you can always reuse your diamonds. Here are some common alterations made to diamond rings.

1. Add more diamonds

Consider adding smaller accent diamonds on the sides of your center stone to give your ring a subtle upgrade. A simple way to do this is to switch your band for a new one with diamond accents on its sides, or you can add a halo of diamonds around your center stone to give your ring a whole new style.

We can also upgrade your ring to a three-stone ring by adding medium-sized diamonds to the sides of the center stone. The added stones will give your ring a more eye-catching look. Perhaps you’d even like to add colored gemstones to make your ring even more unique.

By adding more diamonds, you can hold on to your original diamond while giving your ring a bit more sparkle.

2. Get a larger center stone

Many couples upgrade to a larger center stone later in their relationship. They may not have the budget to get the diamond they want when they first get engaged but later have the means to get their dream ring.You’ll have the same ring you got engaged with, and the upgrade will symbolize all that the two of you have accomplished together.

Ramsey's will give you full credit for the original purchase price of your center diamond if you ever wish to trade it toward the purchase of another Ramsey's diamond, provided the price of the new diamond is at least 50% greater than the original purchase price.

3. Upgrade your diamond setting

You can trade the setting on your ring for a completely new one. Some people want a change of style, whereas others want a setting that keeps their diamond more protected. For example, you can add bezel settings around the stone to keep it from getting damaged on the sides. This may be a good idea if your stone has already been damaged a bit over the years.

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Here's what our clients have to say about our custom design:

My husband and I went to Ramsey’s to see about getting my wedding set from 1992 updated into a wedding band. The help and advice I received from Lori was exceptional. With myself not knowing what I really wanted, Lori drew out a design which we returned in a week to see a wax model and within weeks my ring was complete. Seeing my original diamonds in an original creation from Ramsey’s way exceeded my expectations!! Thank you Lori and their nice staff for giving us an awesome experience we will never forget. We will highly recommend you to family and friends. Thanks again. - Rachelle D.
Six months ago my husband had an idea. His chain had broken, and he could no longer wear his crucifix. He decided he wanted to design his own replacement, and he needed the help of a Master Jeweler. Although we live in California, only one name prevailed: Bob Ramsey. Three months in design with back and forth emails, pictures, advice, and explanation of every detail produced an awe-inspiring piece of art. My husband’s one of a kind 18 karat white gold diamond studded crucifix and perfect chain that Bob picked out was created. Thank you Bob, Alphonso, and your entire team for a dream come true. - Melisa L.
My fiancé and I came in looking for a wedding band to fit my engagement ring. We had trouble finding one that meshed with my ring perfectly, but Sara was such great help throughout the experience! After not being successful to find a perfect fit, because my engagement ring was pretty difficult to to fit with..we came to the conclusion to customize and it was the BEST choice we made because it was an absolute perfect fit! Ramsey’s is amazing and I would recommend them to anyone! They did an amazing job and I couldn’t be happier! - Britney R.
Words cannot even begin to express how extraordinary our experience was at Ramsey’s!! From the moment we walked in the door to choose an engagement ring, it was unique and different than any other. We visited several places before choosing Ramsey’s and no one listened to us. Either we were ignored or they tried to push something on us that was not even close to what we wanted. Soon after walking through the doors at Ramsey’s, we were greeted by Sean, smiling and ready to listen! He knew we were set on a certain style and there would be no exceptions. After searching the store and not having any luck, Ramsey’s custom made what we wanted. Exactly one month to the day from when we first walked through the doors, we have the exact ring that we wanted!!! Sean was an absolute pleasure to work with!! He listened to us, educated us and was patient. We have exactly what we wanted because of Sean and Ramsey’s. We could not have asked for a better experience and give 100 stars!!! We thank Sean for taking the time and making this a truly blessed experience!!!! We are grateful he was able to be part of our special journey. - Colette and John R.

Whether it's custom designing your own ring with us or changing something about the ring you already have, at Ramsey's Diamond Jewelers we are committed to making sure every single couple has their PERFECT ring.

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