Ramsey's Guarantee


Best Price Guarantee

Ramsey’s guarantees our prices to be the best anywhere, and you get 30 days to compare. If you can find a better value on a similar item, we’ll beat it or refund your purchase.


Satisfaction Guarantee

Ramsey’s is dedicated to your satisfaction, and we are proud to offer you 30 days to exchange your jewelry for another item or receive a refund. The cost of alterations will be subtracted from refunds or credits. Refunds or credits are not available for special ordered or customized items.


Grading Guarantee

All Ramsey’s diamonds have been graded by a Graduate Gemologist in accordance with the standards of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Ramsey’s will replace your diamond(s) if our grading is inaccurate in any way.


Lifetime Diamond Protection

We have a lifetime replacement warranty for any diamond up to 1/5 carat that is lost from the mounting through no fault of the wearer. We require that once a year you bring your jewelry to Ramsey’s (or one of the 250 Preferred Jeweler locations) so that the diamonds and mounting may be cleaned and checked. Click to find out more about our Lifetime Warranty.


Guaranteed Trade-In-Value

The Cure for SDS (Shrinking Diamond Syndrome)

Earth Mined Diamonds: Ramsey’s gives full credit for the original purchase price when you trade your Ramsey’s diamond toward another diamond selling for at least 50% more.

NewBorn Created Diamonds: You will receive credit for the current Ramsey’s price whenever you trade your Newborn Created diamond towards another Newborn Created Diamond selling for at least 50% more.

This Guaranteed Trade-In policy applies exclusively to the center diamond of an engagement ring and diamond stud earrings. The diamond must be undamaged and accompanied by original documents. Guaranteed Trade-in is not transferable.

Exception: Diamonds marked "Special Order" on the sales receipt are special shapes, sizes, colors, and clarities not typically kept in inventory at Ramsey's. Since Ramsey's does not keep these diamonds in stock, we will assist you in the sale of your special-order diamond when you have chosen to purchase a Ramsey's Diamond at a price at least 50% greater than the highest price we can find for your diamond at that time.

3 ConflictFree

Guaranteed Conflict Free

Ramsey's only purchases diamonds from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with United Nations Resolutions.  Ramsey's hereby warrants and guarantees that all diamonds offered at Ramsey's are conflict free, based on Ramsey's buyers personal knowledge and/or written guarantees provided by the supplier.

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